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"We researched through all of the reviews and discovered that Photo Booth for Parties had the best reviews and provided best overall value in the OC area."

Yelp Review - 06/10/2014

"Dana and Jake are really great! Their photo booth is really nice. The pictures are phenomenal quality."

Yelp Review - 05/29/2014

"The booth was spacious and the photo quality was phenomenal in comparison to other photo booths."

Lan T. - 01/08/2014

"Working with them from start to finish was easy and very professional. The pictures and props are high quality."

Chris Z. - 01/02/2014

"I wish I could have this photo booth in my living room."

Maynard Malilay - 12/26/2013

"It was a hit! The pictures came out excellent. There were so many fun props....I would definitely use them again for another event!"

Julia W. - 07/24/2013

"The photo booth was a hit! Everyone had a blast, and it added a fun twist to a birthday party, with forever memories! Thanks!"

Alicia Miller-Nofts - 03/02/2013

"Perfect keepsakes! This booth was a huge hit! Highly recommend this company."

Stephanie Shih - 01/10/2013

"I highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed and you will surely do the same....once you have the pleasure of having worked with them."

Vincent Salazar - 11/24/2012

"Haha the monitor outside was so fun; the attendant was helpful and friendly; in short, the photo booth was A HIT! And worth every penny!"

Angie Bourdage - 07/02/2012

"This was the highlight of the wedding....We would do it again in a heart beat. "

Leilani Rodriquez - 06/11/2012

"OMG!!!! These guys are AMAZING!!!! I used them for my wedding at the beginning of the month and it for sure was a hit!!"

Brook Belmer - 03/22/2012

"I love that the printed pictures aren't just a cheap strip of pictures, there are 4 excellent quality pictures on each page."

Kristie Fleischman - 03/12/2012

"Been to a lot of weddings and special events...Your booth and photos are easily the best we've seen."

Ryan Bache - 11/17/2011

"I've been to several weddings and holiday parties that had a photo booth, and none of them produced the quality picture that this company did."

Pamela S. - 11/16/2011

"There are a ton of photo booth companies out there - but you will be making a mistake if you choose someone else."

Jaimee Spanos - 08/14/2011

"The photobooth was a hit!....I will be sure to recommend you to any of our other friends who will be getting married soon!"

Aimi Mai - 06/23/2011

"The quality of the props, printer, and booth itself was top notch. I'm comparing it to other photobooths I have been to at weddings."

Lola Lee - 04/16/2011

"My wedding was 2 months ago and I'm still hearing from people how much fun they had with the photos."

Nikki Gutshall - 08/21/2010

"The photo booth was a huge success....The quality and service was excellent. We will definitely use you again in the future."

Samuel Nunez - 05/17/2010

"Everyone truly enjoyed the photo booth and we’re already talking about how we should incorporate it into other events."

Rose Mayer - 03/29/2010

"The booth was the best decision I made for the wedding. The flowers wilted and candles burned out, but 20yrs from now we'll still be looking at these photos."

Veraya Gachacoop - 11/17/2009

“Thank you for everything. The photo booth was such a HUGE hit!! I knew that it would be popular, but I didn’t know that it would be such a BIG hit.”

Magi Yang - 10/27/2009

"By far the best decision I made planning my party was having your photo booth."

David Fleming - 09/16/2009

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Why Choose Us?

  • The Booth - Elegant design and look. Professionally manufactured.

  • Picture Quality- Studio quality photos. Click here for examples.

  • Lower Prices- Get more for your money

  • Features - Color and b&w, live view, after shot preview

  • Inside- Stand up or sit down, excellent group shots, wheelchair accessible

  • Customization - Customized print designs. Choose your backdrop and curtain color.

  • Track Record - Check out our reviews

  • Service – Friendly, professional, and experienced photo booth hosts

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